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It hasn't been a great week for the market or BMR stocks, but again, consider the context. Our universe has soared 22% YTD, beating the S&P 500 by 6%. While giving back 2% in the last three days stings, it's not the fault of the earnings we've been seeing.

So far this week, Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI: $36, up 1% this week, a rare uptick when 70% of the S&P 500 is down) has gotten applause for giving us slightly better numbers than we expected. Now Roku (ROKU: $65, flat before last night's earnings but soaring above $70 overnight) looks ready to join the party.

Roku did everything right. Revenue came in at $206 million, well above our $192 million target and reflecting a full 50% growth over the past year. Management wasn't willing to promise more than $190 million three months ago, so the company is expanding faster than insiders hoped to see, much less people like us who can only extrapolate on external clues.

And yes, we nailed it. The company now has 29 million active accounts as we predicted. That's a gain of 8 million over the past year and 2 million in the last quarter alone, which is impressive. Those viewers collectively pushed 1.6 billion more hours of Streaming Video across the Roku platform than they did back in 4Q18, making advertisers extremely happy and translating into $6.30 of monthly revenue per user.

Granted, building out that advertising platform still cost the company more money than it took in, resulting in a $0.09 per-share loss. We were resigned to see Roku burn $0.25 per share. So was management, who warned us three months ago that they might end up with as much as a $0.30 loss. It turns out the quarter's extra $16 million in revenue was enough to give the margins substantial relief.

We're eager to see what the future brings. Last night's comments reveal that Roku is now targeting at least $30 million more revenue in 2019 than we saw coming early this year. With $290 million in cash left to spend, the ramp to profitability now looks more assured than ever.

Finally, we've got to note one added detail in the formal TPI Composites (TPIC: $25, down 1%) presentation. We already knew the headline numbers after the company preannounced last week. While the conference call confirmed that the Wind Power industry hit a few speed bumps last quarter, it also revealed what we consider a glorious fact. TPI Composites has already booked 65% of its projected revenue through 2023, which gives the sales team years to chase new contracts and fill holes in the customer list.

This is after key German customer Senvion filed for bankruptcy protection. In the grand scheme of things, that development is barely a blip on the long-term TPI Composites growth screen. It only takes a little good luck to meet our projected growth rate (18% a year) between now and 2023. We suspect we'll need to raise our revenue targets here more than once in that amount of time.