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Many of you noticed today that was acting strangely. Your login might not have worked. When it did, it either took you to a page asking you to resubscribe or failed to show you the Member Center. Don't be alarmed.

If you're reading this, your membership is fine. It has not expired and there's no need to change your password. The problem originated with the company that drives the member credentials on the site. In their words, one of their network providers incorrectly blocked their traffic starting at noon Eastern Time. That block is gone now (as of 7:45 ET) and sites around the Internet are now getting their functionality back.

To prevent recurrences, we have changed two subtle aspects of the way the site works. First, we've turned off the feature that prevents multiple login attempts in a short period of time. This will allow you to recover your account more easily if you notice that something on the site looks unfamiliar or is not behaving normally. Please do not be alarmed if you have misplaced your password and notice that the reset button takes you to a blocked email page. Contact us directly and we will give you a new password.

Second, your login no longer redirected you straight to the Member Center and obscured the process of finding that part of the site. We have adjusted the site to make them visible to everyone who is logged in. If you see the Members Area button at the top of the page, you're logged in. Click it to navigate to the interior of the site. Ignore the Subscribe button which people on the site ordinarily see only when their membership has lapsed. If your account has expired, we'll let you know.

The silver lining here is that we have been independently evaluating our technical infrastructure to prepare for a deeper upgrade to the site's functionality. While we regret the need to divert extremely scarce resources from this campaign (much less from what we consider our core role of monitoring the market and researching stocks) to creating a workaround for a partner's failure, that's just how the world works. If they fall down again, we won't fall with them. And the future looks a lot brighter when it happens.