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What Middle East tension? Our recommendations are up 3% this week, led by a monster rally in our Technology-driven portfolios. Clearly, investors came back from the new year break with growth on their mind. 


The remarkable thing about this rally isn't the amount of ground stocks like Alteryx (AYX: $119, up 11% this week) and CyberArk (CYBR: $135, up 12%) have covered in the last few days. We've seen them rocket under the right conditions. Both of these Small Tech titans have practically doubled since we first recommended them near the end of 2018, barely a year ago. Big moves to the upside are nothing new here.


What's thrilling here is the amount of ground these stocks still need to recover before they even stretch their historical limits. They fell a long way last autumn when investors decided to dump every high-growth stock they could find in favor of more predictable companies that pay dividends. When yield rotated into favor, Tech really suffered. We weren't worried because we knew that when stocks go down for no material reason, they've always come bouncing back.


Alteryx, for example, plunged from $147 to $86 in September and October, wiping out 100 percentage points of paper return for BMR subscribers. Nothing changed within the company. In fact, our 2020 earnings target has climbed 6% since September and our revenue outlook has improved 4% as well. This is a better investment now than it was four months ago. CyberArk tells a similar story.


But if you want to buy either of these stocks on the dip, now is the time. Alteryx is still close to 20% below its all-time peak. CyberArk has about 10% left to recover. That's true of many of our Aggressive and High Tech recommendations. ZScaler (ZS: $54, up 14%), for example, is still almost 40% below its peak. That's where we launched coverage, so we're eager to see it close the gap and make everyone happy at last.


Go through the list and you'll see a pattern emerge. Our Aggressive stocks are up 6% this week but still need to gain an aggregate 19% before they recover their summer highs. That's plenty of upside for the nimble and the alert to capture, and at the rate these stocks are moving it won't take long. The High Tech portfolio is up 5% this week and has 10% to go before it tests its historical peak. If you aren't here and want to be, you'll need to move fast.


And then there are the giants. If not for PayPal (PYPL: $113, up only 3.5% this week) and Amazon (AMZN: $1,901, up 1%), our core Stocks For Success would already be breaking records. This is where the market as a whole is getting its fire. Apple (AAPL: $310, up 4%) is in record territory at a dizzying $1.36 trillion in market capitalization (that's $1,360 billion!). Remember when this stock couldn't hold $1 trillion? That was before the last four months added 36%. . . BMR subscribers have tripled their money here since 2016.


Alphabet (GOOG: $1,420, up 4%) is at a record. Microsoft (MSFT: $162, up 2%) is at a record. Visa (V: $193, up 2%) is at a record. These battleships will keep moving up as long as the global economy gives them the green light . . . but the real action now is on the small end of the market. When Amazon joins the party, look out!