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The Mexican tariff threat has evaporated as fast as it materialized, leaving stocks rallying between trade relief on one hand and the prospect of a more accommodating Fed on the horizon. And our biggest recommendations are leading the way.

Microsoft crossed the psychologically crucial $1 trillion barrier Friday and currently stands at $1.016 trillion, closing at a new all-time high of $133 yesterday. It's worth almost $70 billion more than it was at the end of May.

Apple at $193 settled at $886 billion and when it hits $217 it will see $1 trillion again. Shareholders have recovered $80 billion in wealth here. There's still another $180 billion to go before Apple hits its 2018 peak of $233.

Amazon hit a little rough patch but is sitting a shade above Apple at $916 billion, closing at $1,861. When it hits $2,035 it will be at $1 trillion again. Recent history reveals that this can easily be a $2,050 stock under the right conditions, so there's no reason to assume $1 trillion will be a hard barrier now.

We love this race, and even the government scrutiny won’t hold back these three companies from reaching the magical $1 trillion number.

And of course the rally is playing out across the BMR universe. It isn't just the giants. About half of our recommendations gained more ground in the last few weeks than they lost in May, leaving the portfolios as a whole up 1% across the entire period while the S&P 500 still needs to recover 2% to get back to its April high.

The Aggressive group has done exceptionally well, which discredits the notion that investors are fleeing risk across the board. Anaplan is up 23% since April 30. Okta is up 25% and Alteryx has surged 10%, collectively more than enough to cover the weak spots.

Then there's Technology, up a collective 7% during the market's trade-induced shudder. Roku soared 58% over that period. Shopify is up 26%. Again, spectacular numbers, even if they're a long way from the $1 trillion club right now. They're moving in the right direction to become the giants of tomorrow.