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CNA +90.4% 12/30/2013
EPB +7.1% 12/30/2013
DECK +50.7% 12/30/2013
COV +151.2% 12/27/2013
MNK +116.5% 12/26/2013
QCOM +16.7% 11/25/2013
CREE +47.6% 10/16/2013
TRLG +32.0% 07/30/2013
TEVA -3.5% 07/29/2013
EXAS +2.8% 07/24/2013
MCD +511.7% 07/22/2013
LF +52.4% 07/17/2013
AGNC +53.4% 05/03/2013
TGP +136.2% 02/22/2013
SFLY +57.7% 02/15/2013
SPPI +5.3% 02/15/2013
SPLK +22.8% 02/12/2013
ACM +45.1% 02/08/2013
MCK +147.2% 02/01/2013
NAV -55.2% 12/28/2012
NWBI +5.4% 12/27/2012
TIE +9.3% 12/21/2012
SKUL +24.5% 08/20/2012
PM +322.5% 08/15/2012
MWE +115.2% 07/30/2012
CCK +54.8% 07/19/2012
OPEN +20.0% 02/09/2012
SFLY +17.2% 02/03/2012
SYNO +73.1% 02/01/2012
ETP +10.4% 01/30/2012
WAG +7.2% 01/30/2012
WM +21.6% 01/26/2012
CSX -9.7% 01/17/2012
CSCO -18.2% 12/29/2011
DECK +63.5% 12/27/2011
MSFT +11.4% 12/12/2011
* This list includes ALL closed portfolio positions from 2009 through today. Click here to view older trades