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Bull Market Report has a fifteen year track record of identifying winning investment ideas. Unlike our peers, we publish a list of each and every trade we’ve done. Click here to see a full list of ALL of our closed trades – both winners & losers – from the past five years.

We are proud of our track record of identifying profitable stocks. In fact, last year our winning trades boasted an average return of +57%. A few of our closed positions in 2013 so far include: MCK up +147%, SFLY up +58%, TGP up +136%, and MCD up +512%.

Dividend stocks are a primary research coverage area. Our latest Special Report featuring high-yielding MLP shares boasted at publication an average yield of 8.2%; on top of that, the top picks from that report have gained on average 22%. Today, our Recommended List includes no fewer than 10 income plays with average yields of over 9%. Let us help you navigate this world of miniscule 1.7% Ten Year Treasury Yields and 0.25% CD deposit rates.

Our focus is on superior and high-quality fundamental investing. We aren’t day-traders or momentum investors chasing the next hot trend to make a quick buck. Indeed, that style of investing often only helps you lose money. We seek to pick great long-term growth and income generating stock investments. And while we have a long-term orientation, we don’t hesitate to take advantage of timely market opportunities as well.

See the following tables for a few examples of recent winners and current recommendations:

Recent Winners
"As LED prices continue to come down, we expect adoption rates to soar off a low base, as LEDs have the look of incandescent lights without the high-energy costs and they don't have the environmental impact of fluorescents. Cree is the cost and technological leader and should be the biggest beneficiary of this phenomenon... We rate Cree a "Buy"..." (8-30-10)
>> CREE exited at $73.78 on 10-16-13 for a 48% total return.
"McDonald's is a stock that delivers all the advantages that come from generating huge cash flow and the leverage of an unmatched international footprint... With the stock trading with a forward PE of 14, this is a great place to pick up a powerful, steady contributor to any portfolio. As such, we raise McDonald's from "Hold" to "Buy"." (6-28-05)
>> MCD exited at $97.57 on 7-22-13 for a 512% total return.
Current Picks
"From a valuation perspective, the company is trading at an EV/EBITDA multiple of just over 11x based on 2014 estimates, which is cheaper than its Internet content peers, despite growing revenue at a faster clip. Thus, we think the recent sell-off represents a good opportunity to buy a stock trading at below peer multiple that has a lot of growth levers to pull. We rate the stock a "Buy" with a $32 target."
>> This Buy-rated stock is up +125% since being added in May 2013 (as of 10-18-13).
"This huge cash-flow generator concentrates only in markets where it has scale and a strong market share, and is willing to exit markets where the landscape is not as attractive. The company also has a history of consistently making shareholder friendly moves to unlock value."
>> This Buy-rated stock is up +317% since being added in Jun 2005, up +24% YTD (as of 10-18-13).
"With the better Medicare Advantage reimbursement rate, the Coventry (CVH) acquisition, and one of the most diversified business models, we continue to think the stock has catalysts that will help it power forward. We currently rate the stock a "Buy"..."
>> This Buy-rated stock is up +603% since being added in Mar 2002, up +36% YTD (as of 10-18-13).

Our consistent performance and fundamentally sound recommendations in both up and down markets speak for themselves. We've seen it all and we're here for the long haul.

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