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Frequently Asked Questions


I've enrolled in a Free Trial but can't access the BullMarket.com research. How do I access your exciting research, STOCKS FOR SUCCESS, Special Opportunities Portfolio, and High Yield Portfolio?

The Free Trial entitles you to our Weekly Newsletter, delivered Sunday evenings, for 30 days.  You must be a paid subscriber in order to access the full content on BullMarket.com.

We hope you'll enjoy the Newsletter enough to join us as a subscriber.


I'd like to upgrade my Free Trial account or renew my existing subscription. How do I do that?

Make sure you're already logged in with your existing account.  Head to the SUBSCRIBE page and select the package you'd like.  By submitting the order, your existing account will be automatically updated!


I'm excited to subscribe but am having issues at check-out. Can you help me with my order?

Absolutely!  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced when enrolling.  If your Credit Card was declined, you may need to contact your Credit Card provider to approve the transaction.  Otherwise, contact us directly.  We can take your order by phone or by mail, if need be.  


I paid for a subscription but never received anything. What gives?

Did you pay by PayPal? If so, you completed your purchase on the PayPal site then were re-directed to BullMarket.com to "Complete the Order." If you happened to not select, "Complete the Order" - no problem. Send us a note, we'll confirm your payment, and create your account right away.


I'd rather pay by mailed check. Is that an option?

It sure is. You'll find information about how to do so here.


I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Not a problem! On the login screen below the password field there is a "Forgot Your Password" link. That'll guide you through a Password reset.  Or simply click here to get started.  Once you've reset, you can specify your own password from the My Account page.


Who researches and writes for The Bull Market Report?

Here you'll find information about the entire Research and Editorial Team as well as our Investing Philosophy.


Is it true I can write off my Bull Market subscription?

Subscriptions to our services may be 100% tax deductible as an investment expense.  They are also fully tax deductible as a business expense by most corporations.


What is the Bull Market Refund Policy?

We'd regret seeing you go, and want to know how we can improve your service.  If you decide to cancel, our Refund Policy is as follows:

You may cancel your subscription at any time.  Annual subscription refunds will be calculated based on the subscription price, less the number of months used, times the normal monthly rate.


Is The Bull Market Report right for me?

Our research and Newsletters include actionable insight relevant to both beginning investors and seasoned experts.  Whether you're starting to invest for the first time or are experienced and looking for new opportunities, The Bull Market Report has something for you.


Still have a question? Contact us and we'll be glad to assist.